Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best Movies of 2006

It was a TERRIBLE year for movies... maybe more, a terrible year for me. I could have seen something like those Belgian guys depressing movie, which I would have probably loved, but instead I went to see Little Miss Sunshine and almost puked before I got home.

So what I'm doing here is listing the 10 best moves I saw this year, whether it be at the theater, or at home on DVD, or at a friends house on video, or on an airplane (didn't happen.) Here they are:

10. A Knee is Exposed in Brooklyn
9. Stalking Emily Rosedale
8. Torque
7. The Chinese Side of Wild Bill Hickok
6. Hey Mussolini!
5. Seafood
4. The Pasta Diaries
3. Nose Out To Here
2. Open Marriage
1. The Devil's Lover

1 comment:

Randy Russell said...

Torque was really really bad!